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We know that times are tough, so we are doing everything we can to connect you to your loved one! Sign up for any of our Connection Services below!

Zoom Calls - let’s video chat

Newsletter - sign up for our newsletter by giving us your email address! Sign up. Stay informed!

Facebook - - Like & Follow our Facebook page for pictures and updates, it’s a fun way to stay connected!

Go to our "LET'S VISIT" tab, here on our website, to schedule your Zoom or Face to Face time slot. If you know someone that doesn't have internet access but would like to sign up for a visit, have them call 712-852-4060 and we would be happy to schedule it online for you!

You must schedule a meeting time.

Please DO NOT schedule your time slot on the day of or weekend of the desired visit. We may miss your notification and not be available to assist you. Please schedule 24 hrs in advance!

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