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Meet our Administrator

A warm hello to the friends and family of Lakeside Senior Care! We would love to take a moment and introduce you to Karrie Hammond, our Provisional Administrator!

Karrie lives in Ringsted, IA. with her husband of 20 years. She was a dental assistant for over 20 years before joining the Lakeside team in September of 2022 as an Administrative Assistant. In April, Lakeside asked her to become the provisional administrator and she was thrilled to advance her career and take on the challenge. This request led her to enroll at Grand Canyon University and pursue a degree in Healthcare Administration.

Karrie absolutely loves all aspects of working hard to care for the residents and being an advocate for the wonderful staff that Lakeside is blessed to have.

As we support Karrie in her journey to care for Lakeside, we invite you to encourage her as well. Thank you for the continual support that we receive from our community of friends and family. Karrie is honored to call Lakeside her second home along with so many residents and staff members of past and present years.

Let us stand firm in Lakeside's long standing tradition of loving each other as God has called us to do. Matthew 22:37-39

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