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I am pleased to share that the construction on our outdoor visitation area is near completion!  Our residents, along with their friends and family members will be able to enjoy this safe visitation option starting on Tuesday, July 21st! 

Visits can be scheduled the same way Zoom meetings are scheduled though our website. 

The Outdoor area is located on the West side of the nursing home parking lot, just outside of the lounge area door of the South Hall.  We have done our best to make this area as comfortable as possible, while maintaining compliance with both CMS and IDPH recommendations.  This area consists of a shaded 3-sided plexiglass cubicle for resident use and a canopy to keep you shaded and comfortable during your visit.   Although we are very excited for you all to schedule this time, please keep in mind that the following rules will need to be followed:

  1. Outdoor visits will continue be scheduled as long as the facility remains clear from a COVID-19 outbreak status.

  2. Visits are by appointment only.

  3. Persons visiting are asymptomatic and have received a wellness screen from Lakeside staff to rule out any COVID-19 related health concerns just prior to the start of their visit.

  4. The social distancing rule of 6 feet apart must be followed.

  5. No more than 2 visitors at a time. 

  6. Resident and visitor must both wear masks.

  7. The visits will be between 9:00-11:00AM and 3:00-4:00PM Monday through Friday and Saturday 1pm - 3pm. They can last up to 30 minutes to allow time for everyone.

  8. The facility will contact you to reschedule a visit during times of inclement weather that impedes outdoor visitation.

  9. Visits will need to be scheduled ahead of time, not the day of the visit.

* The Outdoor visitations can be scheduled on our website OR by calling 712-852-4060 and speaking to Lakeside's Social Services Director Melissa Albrant.  Due to the high response for visits, we are requesting that each family only schedule 1 visit per week.  If you have already had your 1 visit for the week and wish to have further connection, we ask that you continue to have window visits or schedule a Zoom call.  If at all possible, please contact Melissa in the event you need to cancel or reschedule your time. This will give her time to inform other family members of an opening in the visitation schedule. 

We must insist on strict adherence to the above rules due to the serious nature and rapid spread of COVID-19.  Anyone who chooses not to adhere to these rules will be prohibited from future visits to protect the health and safety of others.  Our residents love and miss you all very much, so please help us keep you connected in every way possible with safety as a high priority!  Specifically, this means no touching or hugging.  Let's stay safe, keep loving and keep moving forward!!

Lastly, we just had a new phone system installed on Friday July 11th, which was a much-needed improvement.  However, this system does operate differently than our old system, so many of us are still in the learning process, and we have also been working out some minor kinks with internal phone extension transfers, voice mails and such.  With this said, please call back if you have called and left a message without receiving a return phone all during this time!

Thank you all for your cooperation as we continue to slowly and safely open Lakeside to visits!!


Jaime Dodd, Administrator

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