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Lakeside is a stand alone, nonprofit nursing home in need of your help. With your donation we can provide fun trips and activities for our residents, make capital purchases and maintain facility updates. If you can help in any amount, we would be so grateful. You can make a one time donation or set up an automatic monthly payment of any amount on our

Another way to give is through AmazonSmile!

The AmazonSmile Foundation will donate 0.5% back to Lakeside when you purchase any item though Amazon Smile & the BEST THING IS, it won't cost you a dime!

Click HERE for AmazonSmile and help support our nursing home today!​

So where is your donation to Lakeside going right now? Good question! We are concentrating on renovating our rooms! Lakeside is currently a diamond in the rough, please help us bring back its sparkle! Our facility has not underwent any major room renovations since we started caring for people in the summer of 1968. Please consider the possibility of sponsoring a full room renovation, or providing a donation towards the equipment and/or project updates.

This is a photo of our rooms now.

The Cost of Lakeside Updates per room/item:

1. $2,100.00 - New Bed & Mattress 2. $900.00 - Window Treatments & Bedding 3. $750.00 - New Vinyl Window 4. 1,890.00 - New Flooring

Total cost per room: $5,640.00

We have had enough donations so far to complete two rooms! This is a photo of one of those rooms with the new flooring, new window & bedding! THANK YOU FOR YOUR GRACIOUS GIVING! We have 50 rooms to go!!

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